Fastener Sorting service

Mectron puts its own technology to use to provide manufacturers with high-speed dimensional and metallurgical production sorting. Don’t take any chances with manual/visual sorting when you can have your products inspected with the industry’s leading laser and digital eddy current technology. Bolts, screws, cylindrical parts, precision components screw machined, heat-treated, and plated products are all candidates for inspection.
Mectron sorts for foreign material, dimensional discrepancies, radial part damage, overall length, and metallurgical defects in large volumes at low cost.

State-of-the art facility in Saline

Countless Automotive, Aerospace, and Ammunition companies have leveraged Mectron's facilities to sort and inspect their inventory
Letting Mectron sort and package your product ensures exact piece count per carton, and eliminates the chance that mixed parts get introduced during a traditional packing method.
Mectron specializes in quality sorting and inspection to keep you a one in a million supplier.

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