fastener inspection


The Qualifier

The Q-2500 uses patented lasers for high speed gauging and inspection to perform 360 degree inspection to detect dimensional defects. The Q-5000 uses both lasers and eddy current providing specialized capabilities for complete Fastener Inspection.


SQ-7500 The Surface Qualifier

The Surface Qualifier 7500 features high speed GPU image processing. This system is designed to detect dents, scratches, draw marks, splits, folds, primer/no primer, head stamps, markings and discoloration. These capabilities make the SQ-7500 the precision instrument in Fastener Inspection.


DSQ-9000 Dimensional and Suface

The NEW DSQ-9000 features the best technologies from both of Mectron’s Qualifier machines together in one complete system. Partnering our patented surface inspection technology with our 8-laser dimensional inspection system the DSQ-9000 provides complete 360 degrees of Fastener Inspection.