fastener inspection machine


Fastener Sorting Services

Mectron provides high speed fastener inspection with a full line of laser, digital eddy current, and vision inspection systems. Fastener inspection has become common place for fasteners that are installed via automated assembly lines or for safety critical components. Mectron Inspection Systems are an integral part of providing manufacturers with the ability to consistently supply and satisfy their customers with 100% inspected and certified parts.

Mectron utilizes multiple methods specifically designed for the most critical details of any male or female fastener application. The Q-5000 uses Mectron’s patented lasers for high speed gauging and inspection for an unlimited variety of fasteners in a wide range of materials. Utilizing MECTRON’S patented laser array, the Qualifier provides 360° inspection of each piece, displays its dimensions on the computer touch screen, and automatically inspects the part features and measurements.

The Q-5000 automatically discards any parts that do not meet the customer’s specifications such as deformed, bent, damaged, thread defects (spiral, drunken, roll-ups, etc.), feature deviations, and foreign material.

In addition to laser technology, Mectron utilizes MI9000 Magnetic Imagery™, an advanced eddy current technique which provides the most complete on-the-fly metallurgical inspection available on the market. The instrument develops a magnetic image of each part as it passes through the Qualifier to create the part’s unique signature. This full signature provides the opportunity to detect the most critical metallurgical defects such as cracks, material mixes, conductive plating, and hardness by a visual deviation in the magnetic image displayed. Acceptable limits can be quickly defined using the touch screen programming capabilities.

The addition of vision inspection in either single or multiple CCD camera configurations to any Mectron System provides capabilities to check for open burst cracks, recess inspection and through –hole applications. The combination of Mectron’s 360° laser array, Magnetic Imagery™ eddy current and vision technologies provides the end user with the most advanced inspection machine available today.