Pin & bearing inspection


The Qualifier

The most advanced inspection systems available on the market today, the Qualifier delivers high speed gauging and metallurgical inspection for a variety of parts in a wide range of materials. The Q-5000 uses 8 lasers to perform a 360 degree automated dimensional inspection. It also uses an eddy current coil to perform hardness and metallurgical inspection.


Surface Qualifier

The Surface Qualifier 7500 features high speed GPU image processing. This system is designed to detect dents, scratches, draw marks, splits, folds, primer/no primer, head stamps, markings and discoloration. These capabilities make the SQ-7500 the precision instrument in Pin and Bearing Inspection.


Dimensional and Surface Inspection

The NEW DSQ-9000 features the best technologies from both of Mectron’s Qualifier machines together in one complete system. Partnering our patented surface inspection technology with out 8-laser dimensional inspection system the DSQ-9000 provides complete 360 degrees for Pin and Bearing Inspection.