medical inspection


The Qualifier

The flagship of Mectron’s systems, the Qualifier uses a patented laser array for 360 degrees of dimensional inspection to detect defects on a wide range of components. The Q-2500 uses lasers; the Q-5000 uses both lasers and eddy current providing specialized capabilities for complete parts inspection.

Surface Qualifier

The SQ-7500 is a camera based system that utilizes statistical learning software developed by Mectron for inspection of cylindrical parts. The system is capable of obtaining and analyzing over 100 million data points per second. Using statistical learning the SQ-7500 can analyze each data point in a matter of milliseconds.

SQ-7500-STANDALONE 1.jpg


Dimensional & Surface Inspection

The newest addition in the line up of inspection machines, the DSQ-9000 is a modular system that can have up to five stations. Camera, lasers and eddy current partner to provide high speed dimensional and surface inspection.