The LSR-30 laser scanning speed is one hundred times faster than the lasers formerly used on the Q2000 and Q4000 models. In some cases, customer’s stringent quality requirements have surpassed the old laser capabilities. Mectron has upgraded 200 machines in the past six years. The customer feedback: easier set-ups, meets all stringent requirements and greatly reduced reject rates based on LSR-30 inspection capabilities. For information call 734-944-8777, or email at for more information.


At Mectron training center:

  • Increase feed rates
  • Reduce cost of training with two companies sharing sessions (when available).
  • Advanced training – vision, digital eddy current, and laser

On-Site training:

  • System training
  • Improve run-rates
  • Daily preventive maintenance
  • Machine preventive maintenance evaluation included

Turnover in inspection departments is high, leaving new or partially trained operators with full responsibility. To provide your customers with zero ppm product, qualified and trained operators are essential. For more information call Tom Sande, at 734-944-8777 or contact us here.